This happened in April of 2011. I was in my moms room cleaning it after she had killed herself a few weeks before. I had seen word writin on the wall that I had never seen before some was in English and some what looked like English yet wasn’t I stated to try to read it out loud and when I was done all the power in my house went out I went to check the backer When I got 1/2 to them the lights came on i went back to my moms room and it had gottin so cold in there I had guessbumbs all over. Skip a few days and I was in that room again and was getting ready and I felt like hands with four fingers on my neck then looking at myself it looked like fingers that were really long and had long sharp nails and as so as I looked up I said let go and they were gone and the feeling was gone yet my neck hurt for a few days after i then called a friend and we had done a blessing on the room as we did this you could hear a lil girl laugh and the lights go out again. To this day my lil sis will not go in that room and says she had seen a lil girl in a white dress in our laundry room were the backers are and don’t go in there as well.

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