I was around 14 yrs old when this happened over 15 yrs know. I was sitting in my room I had a black candle burning in my bedroom I was ether drawing something or doing homework when I looked out my window to see a lady in a white and green dress that looked like a light sun dress from the 1800. She looked at me for a min then i got up to go outside to see who she was. I should tell you I lived in a small town were the closet person living next to me was about a 1/2 mile away and everyone knew everyone so to see someone outside I didn’t know is a lil off in the first place. Well when I got outside she was no longer there yet when I looked at my window there was what looked like blood with the words will kill in it I walked in and got my mom to come look with me yet when she came out it was gone and so we walked in to my room so i could tell her what happened my candle got knocked down and it wasn’t a lil candle that wasn’t esaly knocked down it was one of those big ones will like 3 wicks in it and it hadn’t been burning more then five min so to see the wax that came from it and it everywere and I mine wall’s, chilling, floor, my bed it was like it was town and it was a few feet from were I had it. I got in trouble for that and my mom thought I was trying to get out of trouble for the candle. A few days later I seen the words again when I got home from school I ran in my room and When I opened my door and looked at my window the words were gone. I haven’t seen her or the words after. Yet my mom did tell me when I got older that the night I seen that she had a dream of me killing someone I have also had dreams of me ending up killing someone. Also I should tell u my mom and me both have had or dreams become real more then once.

Hi hope you like the story. I bobbi Lee heiner give u the right to share my story with nothing in return.

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