This happened a few months back. I work overnight at Target doing logistics. My shift usually starts at 10:30 p.m. and I clock out 6 a.m. at the earliest and 9 a.m. at the latest. This was one of the mornings I got out around 6.
Some days I don’t leave right away as some of my co-workers and I will shoot the bull and de-stress before going home. But I got let out of the building and was by myself this time. I walked over to the smoking area to chill and have a cig before I left.
While I’m sitting there enjoying my smoke some guy on a bicycle rides up. I’m thinking to myself “great, he probably wants to bum a  cig.” Sure as shit he asks me for one. I’m pretty giving and he looked like someone I didn’t want to upset so I gave him one.
As he’s lighting it I’m noticing how disheveled he looks. His clothes were worn and tattered. He looked like he had been trudging through dirt and hadn’t showered in a few days. So I assume he’s homeless.
He then starts to say stuff about drugs and how he’s looking for some people. He continues to chatter on about how he’s working for the good guys and how druggies are the bane of his existence.
I sit there just nodding my head trying to be polite. He seemed to jump all over the place as if his thoughts were scrambled and he couldn’t get them out in a whole.
I didn’t feel threatened but his babbling put me on alert.
As I continue listening trying to figure out a way to leave this one sided conversation I see my co-worker walk towards me and sit next to me. I’m relieved thinking he just saved me. I shoot him a “help me out bro” look and he is oblivious as all fuck.
He gets pulled into the convo and just agrees with whatever fuckery this guy is telling him. How he’s an undercover cop and he’s busting big time druggies left and right. Yadda yadda..
My co-workers ride then shows up and he just books it and leaves me there.
I’m thinking oh well fucking great, thanks for having my back bro. I then decide fuck it so I find a break in his babbling and say “well I gotta get going. Have a good day man”.
I get up and start walking to my truck. To my horror he starts following me. He’s riding his bike slowly from side to side keeping pace right behind me.
I quickly take my knife out of my backpack and have it hidden in my hand. One thing about me is I’m a short Asian girl but trust and believe if it comes down to it I will fuck your shit up.
Then to my surprise someone who he knows pulls up and his attention turned to them. I took that opportunity to get in my truck, lock my doors and get the hell out of there. As I’m leaving I look in my rear view mirror and see him just staring and grinning. His grin seemed to say “lucky you”.
The next night at work I notified my team leads about the guy and they made note of it. As for my co-worker that just up and left me.. I gave him shit for a week straight for being a pussy. I guess, to be fair I do have a better chance defending myself than he does but still.
I’m glad I always have my knife on me along with a piece of leather that has led weights on each end. Everyone should keep something on them that they can use to protect themselves because you never know when some weirdo will come along.


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