One night in Feb of 2011 I was about 2 1/2 mths pregnant with my 3 rd child. I had a dream of me going in to labor with her as we got to the hospital my blood preacher started to get high and the child was having a hard time breathing then the Dr came in and wanted to do a emergency seacetion. As we are in the room and I started to drift from my body I woke up I told my mother the next day she had told me she had the same dream but here dream ended in making the chose of saving me or the baby she said she couldn’t do it. Know 3 weeks later my mother killed herself her note she left said I love my girls and grandbabys and that she couldn’t do it. Well though out my pregnancy I had trouble I had my child 3 weeks before my dew date. When I got to the hospital it started to rain in the mid of Aug and all I could do is think of the country song holes in the floor of heaven. A few hrs my blood preacher got high and as fast as it started it stopped and when the baby finally was ready to come out I was stopped in middle of pushing she had the cord around her neck 2 times. To this day my lil girl and I are both doing good. My lil girl is my mother in every way she looks like her she has my mothers eyes and hair checks all of it. she is a fighter and isn’t a to girly of a girl she would rather hand with the boys and a few weeks after she was born and spelling out her initials AMEAH it spelled out my mothers name Amy Hunting. I have no prof of this other then death and birth certificates you maybe able to find the news clip she made Iron County, Cedar City, Ut news papers head lines for March 8 th and 9 th 2011.

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