OK here is my true story.
It all started  in 1978 when I was 10 years old I lived in a very small town in Canada called  Clinton  BC..
I  am the youngest girl out of my two half brothers & my sister.. We lived in a small three bedroom house me & my sister – mom & dad had the rooms up stairs & my two brothers got the whole the basement to them self’s.My brother’ I’ll call him Rick like to throw me an my sister I’ll call her Tammy in to the ice cold creek on the way home from school. That’s how I ended up getting very sick & was having a hard time to breathe & our doctor at the time was 2 hours away from were we lived. So I ended up staying in bed & as night time came I heard the siren go off warning everyone to get in side & for the farmers to bring in there livestock,for a bad storm was coming our way an as I & my little  dog nippy, is a little wiped I could hear everyone in the house shuffling around & my mom yelling at my sister & brother’s to go to bed. It was now & a school day. My dad peeked in to my room & told  me that  I didn’t  have to go to school in the morning because I was too sick, I smiled  an nodded & he closed  my bedroom door  again.. As I listened to the rain out side my window I slowly drifted off to sleep. I  was awoken to a very loud Thunder & flashing  lightning, I looked around & noticed that my bedroom door  was open, I just thought  my parents  had opened it so thy could  hear me if needed  something. I reached  out to my bucket on the side of my bed an got sick. I was just going to pickup my glass of water another big flash of lightning lit up my room, it startled me a little then heard my dog starting to softly growl I looked at him & said Nippy stop it it’s just lighting  it’s not going  to  hurt you.. then another flash of lighting & a Crack of Thunder echoed out side. I  heard  a  sound  coming from the hallway, my room is next to the kitchen & living room, as I did that’s when I wished  I didn’t  because I saw the  most freakiest  thing ever in my life, there stood  a 8 foot black cloaked shadow with glowing  white  eyes standing at my door. Now Imagine been ten years old cowering helpless in your bed, paralyzed with fear, fully awake, helplessly watching something dark and silent creeping inexorably towards you. well that was me, I couldn’t  move or scream & my dog was growling & snarling. I could  feel something  was trying  to  get  under  my covers at the  foot of my bed, I thought it was my dog, but then I moved my eyes slowly down & saw he was right beside me. I started to cry, I was so scared. I saw a smaller shadow thing trying to get under my blankets. it was polling an tugging  at my sheets  an making weird  sounds..  the shadow now was right next to me, the ghastly thing leaned over me & pinned me to my bed, it was saying something  I  couldn’t  understand  what it was saying.. I managed   Screamed & my dad  heard me, Carolynn are you ok. Then with a  flash of lightning the shadow was gone & the things at the foot of my bed were to. The  bizarre attack left me bruised, scratched and emotionally shaken i was so scared I   jumped out of bed an turned  on my  bedroom  lights.I was to scared to fall back to asleep thing the things would get me in my sleep,.. In the morning  I was still  emotionally  shaken  but strangely no longer sick & to this day I have never had a cold or a flu but I am allergic to many things & I can now see and speak to  spirits & see demons.. I still don’t understand  what had happened  too me & I have never told  my parents what happened.. I now  have five grown children. I have passed my  gift or curse of  sight down to my children as well.. What was it that I saw that night.  It has visited  me two more times in my life both times I was pregnant, that’s another story..

Here is a picture  I still have  of it that did of it when I was  10It.

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