One night as I was coming home from taking my kids to there dads, witch is about a 70 mile drive. I had a gray ford truck follow me. When I stated driving I really didn’t think much of it. Then about 15 miles in to my drive I had seen this truck move lanes every time I did and it stayed right behind me. At 10 more miles I thought okay I’m moving over I’m  going to step on my brakes so it can pass me and, the truck still didn’t it just got right behind me again. So when I got about 20 miles away from home I turned on my inside light and reached down and got out my gun, as I did this I turned and pointed my gun to the back of my car so how ever know I wasn’t playing, as I did this the truck switches lanes and speed up as I had my gun out the hole time I then turn off my inside lights and speed up to follow then to get the plate number as I did they went faster then I could so I didn’t get the plate number. Then I got off the next exit cuz I know that I can always stop at my sister in laws for a bit that lived off that exit. I first stopped at a gas station got gas and a drink to see if the truck would follow me there. I didn’t see the truck again So I felt okay to head home were I would be alone for the night, as I was going to start heading home just about on ramp I seen this truck parked off to the side of the road and it was talking to a tan Honda car so I said to myself I will go to my sister in laws so I called her and told her a lil bit of the story as I passed the truck the car then started to follow me I told my sister in law and told her to have her hubbie outside with his gun waiting for me as I get there he is outside waiting and the car that was know following me speed up and drove by me. I never found out how or why I was followed that night or what would of happened if I went home that night I haven’t been followed by those two vehicles seance and hope i am never again.

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