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One night in Feb of 2011 I was about 2 1/2 mths pregnant with my 3 rd child. I had a dream of me going in to labor with her as we got to the hospital my blood preacher started to get high and the child was having a hard time breathing then the Dr came in and wanted to do a emergency seacetion. As we are in the room and I started to drift from my body I woke up I told my mother the next day she had told me she had the same dream but here dream ended in making the chose of saving me or the baby she said she couldn’t do it. Know 3 weeks later my mother killed herself her note she left said I love my girls and grandbabys and that she couldn’t do it. Well though out my pregnancy I had trouble I had my child 3 weeks before my dew date. When I got to the hospital it started to rain in the mid of Aug and all I could do is think of the country song holes in the floor of heaven. A few hrs my blood preacher got high and as fast as it started it stopped and when the baby finally was ready to come out I was stopped in middle of pushing she had the cord around her neck 2 times. To this day my lil girl and I are both doing good. My lil girl is my mother in every way she looks like her she has my mothers eyes and hair checks all of it. she is a fighter and isn’t a to girly of a girl she would rather hand with the boys and a few weeks after she was born and spelling out her initials AMEAH it spelled out my mothers name Amy Hunting. I have no prof of this other then death and birth certificates you maybe able to find the news clip she made Iron County, Cedar City, Ut news papers head lines for March 8 th and 9 th 2011.


One night as I was coming home from taking my kids to there dads, witch is about a 70 mile drive. I had a gray ford truck follow me. When I stated driving I really didn’t think much of it. Then about 15 miles in to my drive I had seen this truck move lanes every time I did and it stayed right behind me. At 10 more miles I thought okay I’m moving over I’m  going to step on my brakes so it can pass me and, the truck still didn’t it just got right behind me again. So when I got about 20 miles away from home I turned on my inside light and reached down and got out my gun, as I did this I turned and pointed my gun to the back of my car so how ever know I wasn’t playing, as I did this the truck switches lanes and speed up as I had my gun out the hole time I then turn off my inside lights and speed up to follow then to get the plate number as I did they went faster then I could so I didn’t get the plate number. Then I got off the next exit cuz I know that I can always stop at my sister in laws for a bit that lived off that exit. I first stopped at a gas station got gas and a drink to see if the truck would follow me there. I didn’t see the truck again So I felt okay to head home were I would be alone for the night, as I was going to start heading home just about on ramp I seen this truck parked off to the side of the road and it was talking to a tan Honda car so I said to myself I will go to my sister in laws so I called her and told her a lil bit of the story as I passed the truck the car then started to follow me I told my sister in law and told her to have her hubbie outside with his gun waiting for me as I get there he is outside waiting and the car that was know following me speed up and drove by me. I never found out how or why I was followed that night or what would of happened if I went home that night I haven’t been followed by those two vehicles seance and hope i am never again.


This happened to me in 2007. My husband at the time and I was getting ready for bed I had already gottin in to bed when my husband was shutting off the last light I had seen a lil girl in a white dress come out of my closet I should tell u I had no kids at this time. I header and got my lights back on and she was gone from seeing her yet still felt a cold sickening feeling. That night I ended up putting salt around my bed and sage burning When the sage had all been burned I was able to feel peace and go to sleep.I haven’t seen this lil girl again yet my sis had told me she had seen a lil girl in white many times and its always the cold sickening feeling.


I was around 14 yrs old when this happened over 15 yrs know. I was sitting in my room I had a black candle burning in my bedroom I was ether drawing something or doing homework when I looked out my window to see a lady in a white and green dress that looked like a light sun dress from the 1800. She looked at me for a min then i got up to go outside to see who she was. I should tell you I lived in a small town were the closet person living next to me was about a 1/2 mile away and everyone knew everyone so to see someone outside I didn’t know is a lil off in the first place. Well when I got outside she was no longer there yet when I looked at my window there was what looked like blood with the words will kill in it I walked in and got my mom to come look with me yet when she came out it was gone and so we walked in to my room so i could tell her what happened my candle got knocked down and it wasn’t a lil candle that wasn’t esaly knocked down it was one of those big ones will like 3 wicks in it and it hadn’t been burning more then five min so to see the wax that came from it and it everywere and I mine wall’s, chilling, floor, my bed it was like it was town and it was a few feet from were I had it. I got in trouble for that and my mom thought I was trying to get out of trouble for the candle. A few days later I seen the words again when I got home from school I ran in my room and When I opened my door and looked at my window the words were gone. I haven’t seen her or the words after. Yet my mom did tell me when I got older that the night I seen that she had a dream of me killing someone I have also had dreams of me ending up killing someone. Also I should tell u my mom and me both have had or dreams become real more then once.

Hi hope you like the story. I bobbi Lee heiner give u the right to share my story with nothing in return.


This happened in April of 2011. I was in my moms room cleaning it after she had killed herself a few weeks before. I had seen word writin on the wall that I had never seen before some was in English and some what looked like English yet wasn’t I stated to try to read it out loud and when I was done all the power in my house went out I went to check the backer When I got 1/2 to them the lights came on i went back to my moms room and it had gottin so cold in there I had guessbumbs all over. Skip a few days and I was in that room again and was getting ready and I felt like hands with four fingers on my neck then looking at myself it looked like fingers that were really long and had long sharp nails and as so as I looked up I said let go and they were gone and the feeling was gone yet my neck hurt for a few days after i then called a friend and we had done a blessing on the room as we did this you could hear a lil girl laugh and the lights go out again. To this day my lil sis will not go in that room and says she had seen a lil girl in a white dress in our laundry room were the backers are and don’t go in there as well.


My name is Sally (NOT MY REAL NAME) back in 1986 when I was 15, my father was a state trooper in the deep south (I do not want to disclose the state because my father was a well known and well respected peace officer in his day). He was assigned to a rural outpost and was responsible for hundreds of miles of state highway covering a lot of hills and forested areas. So my mother and father decided to rent a small house (more like a wooden shack) nearby his highway patrol station, rather than live in the city, and have dad come home every other week. The house was off the main highway and at the end of an old logging road. The house was surrounded by deep dark woods on all three sides. (The nearest neighbors were miles away from us on either side. We were out in the middle of no where!) It was an old, old, one story wooden two bedroom house. Not as nice or as sturdy as a log cabin. In back of the house was a small stand alone narrow wooden structure. The Landlord said it was built as a small barn but it could be used to store the car (a sort of make shift garage). The house was not much to look at but the price was right for my dad, CHEAP!!

This house was so off the beaten path that we did not have telephone service. My dad left my mother and I with a walkie talkie tuned into the state police band in case of an emergency. The house barely had lights and running water. Everything seemed to be broken or on the verge of breaking down. We also had no trash pick up so we either had to burn our trash or take it into town and dump it there. (My dad decided to not burn our trash, to prevent the possibility of a forest fire)

My father would be gone most nights and get back around 6 in the morning. My mom and I fell into the habit of sleeping together in my parent’s bed room because my mother did not like sleeping alone.

One night, a week or so after we first moved in. I got up to use the restroom around 3 in the morning when I heard what sounded like somebody mumbling outside coming from the garage. I put my ear to the back wall of the house to listen to the mumbling, then all of a sudden, it just seemed to stop. I only heard an owl hooting in the distance. I just returned to bed without giving it a second thought. The next morning I told my mom what I heard and she just dismissed it as the wind whistling.

A few weeks later my father was getting home from a late night patrol when he was parking the car in the garage. As he pulled in he noticed the trash bags we had stored in the back of the garage had been torn apart and scattered all over the garage floor. I remember it distinctly because I was the one that had to clean it up. My dad said it must be raccoons or some other type of scavenger. My dad’s solution to this was buying two new aluminum trash cans from the hardware store in town. He instructed my mom and me to put all the trash in a trash bag first, then put it in the can, and close the lid tight. He claimed this would keep the raccoons from smelling the garbage and they would not come in to the garage looking for food. It sounded logical to me. Needless to say, this seemed to work. The following week my dad had to take his car to get serviced in town and had to leave it there for a few days. So the trashed started to pile up and it smelled mighty bad. A day or two later my mother discovered that the cans had been tipped over and the trash had been rummaged through. My mom complained to my father and he finally decided to install a lock on the old wooden doors to the garage.

On the following Wednesday night it was around 11, mom and I had just finished watching a movie on TV, and we decided to go to sleep. She told me to take the trash out to the garage and gave me the key to the lock. I grabbed the trash bag from the kitchen, while mom walked into her bedroom and started to change into her night gown.

The house only had a front door so you had to walk out that door and turn right to go around the side of the house then walk about 20 feet to the garage. I started to turn the corner and stopped dead in my tracks at what I saw next. I saw a large dark and hairy figure standing with its back to me in the doorway of the garage (It looked like a gorilla but it stood upright on two legs). I heard a loud mumbling like human speech coming from this thing. It suddenly turned, like it became aware of me and stared at me. I could not make out any facial features but it’s two eyes reflected the moon light like a dog or a cat. I let out a scream, dropped the bag of garbage, turned and ran back to the house. As I shut the door I heard a big hard bang from the garage. My mom ran into the living room and asked “what was going on? I heard you scream!” and I told her there was an intruder breaking into the garage. She quickly went to the nightstand by the bed and grabbed the walkie talkie and my dad’s spare service revolver. Mom then radioed the state police dispatcher and reported the break in. Then my mom grabbed me by the hand and we locked ourselves in the hall closet. We both sat there in the dark, quiet and scared. A highway patrol car came within 20 minutes. (my dad was on an auto accident call, miles away, down the highway)

The two troopers first made sure mom and me were ok then they had a look around the property. The tall trooper came back first, we quickly mentioned that my dad was a fellow state trooper. He said that the door had indeed been forced open and the lock broken. There was nothing but turned over trash cans and garbage everywhere. Next the trooper pulled out his black note book and wanted to take my statement. I hesitated at first and when I got to the part of, big black, hairy, on two legs, my mom turned with a shocked look, and said “you didn’t tell me that part”. That’s when the other trooper ran back into the house, pulled the tall trooper aside, and started to whisper to him. I heard him say “there are two sets of tracks”. The tall trooper said “better get on the radio to dispatch, tell them we have arrived on the scene, and are investigating”. The other trooper than ran back outside to use the car radio. The tall trooper sat us down and said that he officially was not suppose to tell us this, but since my dad was a trooper, he thinks we should know the truth. This was probably a bigfoot looking for food. Y’all know what a bigfoot is? the trooper asked. My mom said “I think so”, I just nodded my head, yes. My partner found two sets of different size tracks behind your place. ( I felt hairs on my neck stand up, the mumbling must have been it communicating to another bigfoot, already in the garage) ( my GOD, can they communicate? I felt sick) We get a lot of sightings of those things all up around these parts. As far as we can figure it, they seem to be wondering down from the national park. Now don’t ask me what these things are, I don’t know! Sometimes these things are harmless and sometimes they ain’t! TRUST ME! This place is not safe for two women to be left alone. I don’t recommend you stay here. They probably will be back.

The next day my dad told us that he confirmed what the trooper told us the night before, that these things do exist and are roaming all round this area. He was told by his sergeant never to mention the word bigfoot or monster ever again and if he is asked, it was bears poking around our place, that night. I just sat there staring at my dad without being able to even speak! He told us never to speak of this again to anyone. My mom and me went to live with an aunt of hers, two counties away, for the next year while my dad was assigned to that area.

During the year he was stationed there, my dad told us that he would take countless reports and sightings of the beast, mysterious missing person’s reports, and at least 1 bizarre unexplained death, as part of his job as the trooper of that area. He was ORDERED BY HIS SUPERIORS to tell people that any suspicious “unexplainable activity” was to be blamed on wolves, cougars, or bears.

This is my piece of the truth, now it’s yours!


This happened a few months back. I work overnight at Target doing logistics. My shift usually starts at 10:30 p.m. and I clock out 6 a.m. at the earliest and 9 a.m. at the latest. This was one of the mornings I got out around 6.
Some days I don’t leave right away as some of my co-workers and I will shoot the bull and de-stress before going home. But I got let out of the building and was by myself this time. I walked over to the smoking area to chill and have a cig before I left.
While I’m sitting there enjoying my smoke some guy on a bicycle rides up. I’m thinking to myself “great, he probably wants to bum a  cig.” Sure as shit he asks me for one. I’m pretty giving and he looked like someone I didn’t want to upset so I gave him one.
As he’s lighting it I’m noticing how disheveled he looks. His clothes were worn and tattered. He looked like he had been trudging through dirt and hadn’t showered in a few days. So I assume he’s homeless.
He then starts to say stuff about drugs and how he’s looking for some people. He continues to chatter on about how he’s working for the good guys and how druggies are the bane of his existence.
I sit there just nodding my head trying to be polite. He seemed to jump all over the place as if his thoughts were scrambled and he couldn’t get them out in a whole.
I didn’t feel threatened but his babbling put me on alert.
As I continue listening trying to figure out a way to leave this one sided conversation I see my co-worker walk towards me and sit next to me. I’m relieved thinking he just saved me. I shoot him a “help me out bro” look and he is oblivious as all fuck.
He gets pulled into the convo and just agrees with whatever fuckery this guy is telling him. How he’s an undercover cop and he’s busting big time druggies left and right. Yadda yadda..
My co-workers ride then shows up and he just books it and leaves me there.
I’m thinking oh well fucking great, thanks for having my back bro. I then decide fuck it so I find a break in his babbling and say “well I gotta get going. Have a good day man”.
I get up and start walking to my truck. To my horror he starts following me. He’s riding his bike slowly from side to side keeping pace right behind me.
I quickly take my knife out of my backpack and have it hidden in my hand. One thing about me is I’m a short Asian girl but trust and believe if it comes down to it I will fuck your shit up.
Then to my surprise someone who he knows pulls up and his attention turned to them. I took that opportunity to get in my truck, lock my doors and get the hell out of there. As I’m leaving I look in my rear view mirror and see him just staring and grinning. His grin seemed to say “lucky you”.
The next night at work I notified my team leads about the guy and they made note of it. As for my co-worker that just up and left me.. I gave him shit for a week straight for being a pussy. I guess, to be fair I do have a better chance defending myself than he does but still.
I’m glad I always have my knife on me along with a piece of leather that has led weights on each end. Everyone should keep something on them that they can use to protect themselves because you never know when some weirdo will come along.



By the time they get to be my ripe old age of 25, just about every guy (except for my best friend actually) has had his “first naked woman story.” Although he is left out in the cold on this one, mine isn’t exactly typical, as I’m the only guy I know that has one appropriate for the YouTube scary story community…. I grew up in Northern New Jersey in a wealthy, semi-rural suburb of New York City where people generally keep to themselves when it comes to their neighbors and are just downright suspicious of outsiders. I guess there has been enough weird stuff that has happened in the area over the years to justify that attitude. My story is one that probably contributes to this wariness.

My mother always used to drive my sister and I to our school bus stop in the morning despite it being only 200 or so meters from our front door due to its isolated rural nature, position on a pretty important and fast through fare and the often crappy New Jersey weather. Almost every day, nothing out of the ordinary would happen, but one early autumn day in if I remember correctly, 2004, when I was a freshman in high school, that wasn’t quite the case. My mom and I were sitting down there in her green car waiting for the bus to come when all of the sudden, her early 2000s brick of a cellphone phone rang. It was my dad, who usually leaves for work before 7am but that day, had left super late; only a few minutes after my mom and I had went to the bus stop actually. He asked my mom for the non-emergency number of the local police. Knowing that my dad knew this number off the top of his head, as she had seen him dial it many times without looking it up, she could tell that he couldn’t recall it because he was in some sort of shock. It turns out that after leaving the house and driving about a quarter mile or so, my dad spotted a naked woman walking down the side of the busy county highway in our backdoor neighbor’s front yard, screaming, crying, coming across as just flat out disoriented and heading right for our bus stop. This alarmed me, despite being barely 14, I was able to see past the fact that there was a “naked woman” nearby and that this meant she was likely raped, kidnapped, had escaped from or had been dumped off by some sick creeps and had potentially been drugged or even almost murdered… right in my beloved neighborhood where not too long before, my little sister and I had been sleeping! As a kid and still as an “adult,” nothing gets me riled up as quickly as reports of crime or danger in my peaceful wooded neighborhood do. Sure enough, within five minutes, a woman with long, black wavy hair and a light olive complexion and healthy, curvy build, aged maybe 40 or so, was in view of the bus stop, arms crossed covering her breasts, balling her eyes out and screaming “go away” at the caravan of cars that had formed behind her and my father’s car of people trying to help her. Yes, I know people say New Jerseyians are rude, always in a hurry and selfish, but in a situation like this, we drop the Jersey attitude faster than MTV dropped “The Jersey Shore” after season 6. The strange, slow moving procession made it about a quarter mile past my bus stop before they were intercepted by the police that my father had called. Besides a short and disappointingly vague write up buried deep in the local newspaper several days later, I heard anything of her again.


OK here is my true story.
It all started  in 1978 when I was 10 years old I lived in a very small town in Canada called  Clinton  BC..
I  am the youngest girl out of my two half brothers & my sister.. We lived in a small three bedroom house me & my sister – mom & dad had the rooms up stairs & my two brothers got the whole the basement to them self’s.My brother’ I’ll call him Rick like to throw me an my sister I’ll call her Tammy in to the ice cold creek on the way home from school. That’s how I ended up getting very sick & was having a hard time to breathe & our doctor at the time was 2 hours away from were we lived. So I ended up staying in bed & as night time came I heard the siren go off warning everyone to get in side & for the farmers to bring in there livestock,for a bad storm was coming our way an as I & my little  dog nippy, is a little wiped I could hear everyone in the house shuffling around & my mom yelling at my sister & brother’s to go to bed. It was now & a school day. My dad peeked in to my room & told  me that  I didn’t  have to go to school in the morning because I was too sick, I smiled  an nodded & he closed  my bedroom door  again.. As I listened to the rain out side my window I slowly drifted off to sleep. I  was awoken to a very loud Thunder & flashing  lightning, I looked around & noticed that my bedroom door  was open, I just thought  my parents  had opened it so thy could  hear me if needed  something. I reached  out to my bucket on the side of my bed an got sick. I was just going to pickup my glass of water another big flash of lightning lit up my room, it startled me a little then heard my dog starting to softly growl I looked at him & said Nippy stop it it’s just lighting  it’s not going  to  hurt you.. then another flash of lighting & a Crack of Thunder echoed out side. I  heard  a  sound  coming from the hallway, my room is next to the kitchen & living room, as I did that’s when I wished  I didn’t  because I saw the  most freakiest  thing ever in my life, there stood  a 8 foot black cloaked shadow with glowing  white  eyes standing at my door. Now Imagine been ten years old cowering helpless in your bed, paralyzed with fear, fully awake, helplessly watching something dark and silent creeping inexorably towards you. well that was me, I couldn’t  move or scream & my dog was growling & snarling. I could  feel something  was trying  to  get  under  my covers at the  foot of my bed, I thought it was my dog, but then I moved my eyes slowly down & saw he was right beside me. I started to cry, I was so scared. I saw a smaller shadow thing trying to get under my blankets. it was polling an tugging  at my sheets  an making weird  sounds..  the shadow now was right next to me, the ghastly thing leaned over me & pinned me to my bed, it was saying something  I  couldn’t  understand  what it was saying.. I managed   Screamed & my dad  heard me, Carolynn are you ok. Then with a  flash of lightning the shadow was gone & the things at the foot of my bed were to. The  bizarre attack left me bruised, scratched and emotionally shaken i was so scared I   jumped out of bed an turned  on my  bedroom  lights.I was to scared to fall back to asleep thing the things would get me in my sleep,.. In the morning  I was still  emotionally  shaken  but strangely no longer sick & to this day I have never had a cold or a flu but I am allergic to many things & I can now see and speak to  spirits & see demons.. I still don’t understand  what had happened  too me & I have never told  my parents what happened.. I now  have five grown children. I have passed my  gift or curse of  sight down to my children as well.. What was it that I saw that night.  It has visited  me two more times in my life both times I was pregnant, that’s another story..

Here is a picture  I still have  of it that did of it when I was  10It.


Love your channel man!

For what it’s worth here’s my story. 

To this day, I still can’t believe this happened to me. 

When I was 12 in 1982, my dad once again got custody so I went to live with him. I know this was the exact year because this incident occurred right before my best friend Tom moved to Colorado in June, 1982. 

My dad would always go out at night on the weekends with a hot date, etc and leave me home alone. I enjoyed it, because I felt grown-up. No babysitter. I usually had a friend stay over or my brothers were there and so it wasn’t scary. This time though, I was alone – and it got really scary.

I also enjoyed being home alone on weekend evenings because it gave me time to catch up on all of the latest Rated R movies (which my dad would otherwise not allow me to watch of course). This particular night, I was watching Conan The Barbarian as it had just landed on HBO. I had the lights dimmed in the living room.

About 10pm, the movie is about halfway over and there is a VERY loud knock on the front door. I was too short to use the peephole, so I ask “Who’s There?” A black man’s voice says loudly and angrily, “You wanna buy some candy!?” It was10 o’clock at night! I reply “No thanks”. I was in shock – like what the hell is this some kind of joke? Ten seconds go by, I’m leaning with my ear on the door. He beats on the door again. Startling me and I jump. “Do you wanna buy some candy, open the goddamn door!” I said “No, go away!”. He curses repeatedly. His voice sounded like a cross between Samuel L. Jackson and Ving Rhames.

He leaves, but not for long. 

Confused, shocked… I just go stand in the hallway, listening. Every hair standing on end.

The rest of the house is a fortress and my dad was safety conscious with always checking window locks, doors, etc, afraid of being burglarized. When I would sometimes forget my house key, I was screwed because there was no way to sneak in. We lived in a cookie-cutter development in a very safe suburban area, but during the day it was a ghost town – parents were at work, kids were all in school. There were a lot of burglaries as I recall.

I was so shaken with fear when I realized how late it was and he’s “selling candy”? I could not go back to watching my movie. I turned on all the lights and hid behind the couch. I think he is gone. Suddenly, the man then starts ringing the doorbell repeatedly ding-dong-ding-dong-ding-dong for probably a solid minute. I’m frozen with fear behind the couch clutching a steak knife. That was an adult at the door, not some friends or kids playing a joke.

He never came back after that doorbell episode. I never told my dad about it either, nor my brothers. I don’t know why. It was so messed up, that I pushed it out of my mind. My dad would have immediately revoked all of our liberty and privileges since he has always had OCD. But… as time went by, it seemed to be more like a bad dream. I don’t know what would have happened if I had opened that door.

I don’t know why I didn’t call the police.

Side note / pure speculation: During the same month and year this happened, the serial killer Coral Eugene Watts was active not just in my area, but had attacked a girl five miles from my house at about 10 o’clock at night. I even went out as an adult and bought Corey Mitchell’s book about Watts titled “Evil Eyes” and the date of her attack jibed with my memory and the time of year in May, 1982 (before my friend Tom moved during summer to Colorado).

Alice Martell survived. But…here’s the deal: Watts’ M.O. was to follow pretty women he saw at the store or in traffic and attack them at home. My dad’s girlfriend at the time was over at our house everyday. My dad is a large man and he worked out of the garage and was always home during the day and we had a very active house. My gut tells me that Watts followed her from someplace (she was gorgeous and I remember my dad almost fighting with another man once who had followed her home from happy hour). If this was Watts, he saw either us kids or my dad, and changed his plan / decided to come back later. He had done that before with victims. Lie in wait. Sharon’s car was probably in the driveway also.

Hell, slumlocker… I even did a blog post about it and drove over to young Alice Martell’s old townhouse in my hometown and took photos:

I am writing a true crime book about the Wonderland murders from 1981.

Thanks man!! If you don’t like this bizarre true story, it’s cool.

John in Houston