I will start off by saying I’ve always had wired paranormal things happen to me or around me. I will start by telling u about the first time i remember I should tell u I grow up in a small farming town and had lots of open space to play outside. I was about 5 or 6 yrs old when i remember always playing outside I would always hear lil things like some one telling me I should do this and that saying my name when no one was it would feel like someone watching me too. I should also tell u I was a only child for 9 yrs of my life. So it wasn’t like I had someone to prank me.

There was other times that i would get scared and start walking back to my house and would hear a dark deep male voice say to me run lil girl before i get you. I would have like the time tell a car from the main road to my dirt road to get in a house or car i can’t remember a time I did make it. I was the fastest runner in my class. I have kids of my own know and we went to see my family one time and my daughter ran in the house crying I asked her why she was crying she told me the bad man told me to run inside or he would get me. My kids also tell me all the time that they hear scary things when playing outside on the farm. My kids and I also can’t be outside in the dark at my family’s farm if we are we run inside. To this day I still feel something or some one watching me why there.

Hope you like the story. Like I said I have many others if you liked.

I give u promotion to share my story. Without anything in return.

Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Heiner


First some background, I am a Marine Corps Veteran I got out because of medical reasons. I was also diagnosed with PTSD. I have never been in combat but I experienced an event in combat training that happened to me while I was sleeping. This event is considered hazing and it was done to me by my own unit. Since this event I have always had trouble sleeping/staying asleep/night.

 This is the first time I have ever shared this experience with anyone.

Okay so now for what happened, this happened 2 years after I had gotten out of the military. For a whole month, I had been missing work because my medication for my PTSD had stopped working me. This caused me agonizing anxiety throughout my days and nightmares/flash backs of what happened to me in combat training nights. Another thing to note, we always keep the hallway light on and my door is always open so my cats can roam around the house. One night I kept having nightmares of different people breaking into my house. From what I remember I had three different nightmares of three separate individuals breaking into my home. After the third nightmare, I woke up to the dark figure in my third nightmare standing in my doorway. I tried to scream, “Hey! Who the fuck are you!” But nothing came out, it was like I was just screaming inside of my own head. This is when I decided to get up and murder this stranger but that is when I realized that I couldn’t move. My anger quickly became utter fear, when I realized that I was completely defenseless and tears started to stream down my face. The figure just stood in the doorway not moving and not saying anything. When I blinked the figure disappeared and I was able to move again. I sat up in bed and cried. I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. I got my medication changed as soon as possible after that night. I have since had my PTSD under control again and back at work. Even though I still struggle with sleep, I haven’t had an episode of sleep paralysis since then.

You have my full consent to use this story in one of your videos.


Okay so this is a weird story not so much as creepy. this was almost 13 years ago when i was 22 at Myrtle Beach S,C. it was my little brothers graduation beach trip. myself and a couple of friends wanting to relive our own trip decided to head down. for some drinking smoking lets be honest fresh 18 year old chicks. i know but what can i say we were young dumb and full of love.

We were there for 7 days on the 3rd or 4th night after drinking and smoking all day from about 10 AM to early AM. we decide to head the two blocks to the shore as we did every night around 2 AM to blunt it up and listen to waves crash. walking to the water we saw something moving in the moon light about 20 feet from the tide. as we got closer it looked and moved like a nice sized crab left to right. stoked we joked how good crab legs would be so we circled it they came at it from the sides and myself from the waters edge. as we got closer about 15 feet it moved back and forth the closer we got the more frantic it moved now closing in on 10 feet away. and i fucking kid you not the fucking thing just floated up into the air! not flying out but floating up until it was out of sight stunned we gazed up for a few then at the same time all said what the fuck.

I know what your thinking we where fucked up and just seeing things. but we all saw the same thing and most birds are not out that late nor do they look or walk like crabs. plus they fly out like a plane not up like a balloon. if any of you guys have any ideas what we saw please leave a comment.

To Slumlocker

thank you for reading i hope you like it and can use this story i know its short. even after 13 years this still fucks with my head. let me know what you think thanks again.


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